With 7-Days Left, Another Generous Donation

With just over a week to go of its Mustardseed TV funding campaign, we are pleased to announce a most generous contribution from The Maria Holder Memorial Trust*  This brings our total raised so far to $16,000, almost one-third of our target of $50,000.

Over the past term, cast and crew have been hard at work writing, rehearsing, filming and recording.  Seven Mustardseed classes will participate in this first phase. Each one creating something from individual, child-centered, original scripts to culminate in a 90-minute journey of discovery, imagination and self-belief.

A lack of local media programming translates to a void in the content seen by our children. Almost all   online and television media consumed by our children is from overseas. Our young people are up to date with popular culture from abroad, but missing out on material that reflects their Caribbean cultural identities. Mustardseed TV, aims to create programming that speaks to our culture, our history and our identity. Our stories will allow our children and young people to see themselves, to hear their own voices, and to develop ideas from experiences and situations that are personally and culturally relevant.

We are most grateful to The Maria Holder Memorial Trust for believing in this vision and for supporting inclusive theatre.

All funds raised will be used to cover the costs of production – crew and technicians (musicians, camera crew, photographers, writers); contribute to the quality of the post-production process (editing, animation, dvd’s); or help with the practical cost of launching a screening (venue cost, licence fees etc.)

With most filming completed, editing of the pieces is now taking place, the final product to be presented from July 4 – 7 at the Walcott Warner Theatre, Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI), UWI, Cave Hill Campus.

Please continue to share news about this great project by email or on social media, and if you wish to, please contribute, no amount is too small!

*The Maria Holder Memorial Trust was created in the memory of the late Maria Holder, a long-time resident of Barbados until her untimely passing in 2004.  The Trust, founded in 2007 by Christopher Holder and Chester Brewster, is dedicated to improving the lives of those in greatest need in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean.  The Trust’s mission is to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and to improve the quality of life of vulnerable people particularly in Barbados.  It seeks to enhance education, learning and training and advance the cultural and artistic expression of young people, and to alleviate the suffering of the sick, elderly, disabled or abused.  The trust principally works with programmes operated by government and registered NGOs or charities.

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