Toni (TJ) Johnson

TONI (2)

TJ is now one of our ‘Foreign Correspondents’. Formerly Tutor for our Youth Theatre 1 and Children’s Theatre 2 Classes, TJ now acts as an overseas consultant where he contributes by writing for us and generally advising us on themes, concepts and various productions.

Toni fell in love with theatre the first time he stepped foot on stage in 2003. Under the mentorship of Yvonne Weeks and Sonia Williams, TJ applied to the Barbados Community College to study Theatre Arts, and has since successfully completed the Associate Degree. TJ holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from UWI, Cave Hill with a specialty in Editing and Film.

TJ’s stage/film credits include Rise up My Children, The Amen Corner, Precious, The It So Happened Suite, Laff-it-off, Secrets, and (National Geographic’s) Locked Up Abroad.

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