Natasha Kawasaki


Aunty Natasha is our Founder and Executive Director.

At the outset of her career, Natasha volunteered at Chickenshed Theatre in England and that experience was highly influential in the founding and philosophy of Mustardseed Productions Inc.  She began her studies of English Literature and Theatre Arts at York University in Toronto, and transferred to Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio, from which she graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree.

Natasha has extensive experience as a children’s drama instructor and programme director. In addition to serving as a Tutor for Mustardseed Productions, Natasha was the coordinator of a theatre arts programme sponsored by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) of Barbados. The programme focused on introducing children to the various disciplines within the performing arts. Natasha also taught drama at Providence Elementary school in Barbados.

As an instructor for the NCF Theatre Arts in Primary Schools programme, Natasha held drama workshops at Hilda Skeene Primary School in Barbados. This year-long course culminated in a performance during which the children were able to showcase their newly developed drama skills.

Natasha was also an instructor for the Educational Environmental Drama Programme, which was funded by the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Environment and coordinated by Greening Barbados. This curriculum used drama to educate students on the causes of Global Warming with the goal to increase environmental awareness.

Natasha currently resides in New Jersey, where she continues to help maintain the vision and ethos of the company and assists with planning and programming.

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