Naomi Graham


Aunty Naomi is the Assistant Tutor for our Children’s Theatre 1A Class. A former Mustardseed student, she has been involved in the performing arts from her early youth. She is a talented dancer who has performed under the tutelage of some of Barbados’s best dance instructors.  During her secondary school education, Naomi participated in many Pantomimes gaining experience and knowledge to balance school and performance at an early age. Destined for a career in the arts, Naomi completed her Associate Degree in Theatre Arts at the Barbados Community College. Naomi then went on to attain her Associate Degree in Dance. In years to come Naomi hopes to attend the Boston Conservatory to achieve her Bachelor in Fine Arts in Musical Theatre.

While working with Mustardseed, Naomi enjoys finding creative and constructive ways to keep children engaged and learning. Becoming a full-time performing arts teacher is in her future sights.