Asha Elcock


Aunty Asha is the Assistant Director for the Youth Theatre Ensemble. A recent graduate of the Barbados Community College, Asha holds an Associate Degree in Theatre Arts. Performing from an early age, Asha attended the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination, Summer Arts Programme – Imagine Youth.

While at the Barbados Community College, Asha was under the tutelage and guidance of Yvonne Weekes and Michelle Cox, where she played multiple roles such as Sarah in ‘Let’s Tell the Truth‘, Gloria, in ‘15 Minutes or Less,‘ Katar in ‘Monsters‘ and Heidi Bernstein in ‘Angels in White’ (her portfolio piece).

In her spare time, she has attended workshops with Barbadian legends of theatre Patrick Foster, Sonia Williams, and Amanda Cumberbatch, dealing with the physical, spiritual, and mental aspect of the actor.

In the summer of 2015, Asha tutored at Mustardseed’s Summer Camp on the art of Storytelling called ‘Tall Tales’ honing another one of her skills – that of working with children and youth.

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