WHERE IS KICK? @ EBCCI, February 9 & 10, 2019

Another Youth Theatre Ensemble Performance!! ‘Where is Kick?’ is a Caribbean play written and directed by Luci Hammons. Set in Barbados in present time, the play tackles issues of adolescent mental illness, and its perception throughout society. Themes such as friendship, personal isolation, prejudice, love and survival are used to... ReadMore

Mustardseed TV Campaign – Help us to Raise Funds for this Project

The Mustardseed TV initiative is an effort to continue our work of using drama and theatre techniques to tell local stories, showcase Caribbean cultural forms and investigate current affairs, while encouraging healthy social behaviors, reaching a much wider audience and touching the lives of more Barbadian and Caribbean children.  ... ReadMore

The Dramatic Child – Is your child a drama Queen/King?

Do you have a drama queen or king on your hands? Do you wonder sometimes where all the expression, gestures and antics come from? Here are 5 suggestions which might help you get through some of ‘the drama’ and channel some that creative energy: (more…) ReadMore

Discipline the Mustardseed way

In any environment where children are having fun, there are usually 1 or 2 who will get carried away with the excitement. When this situation rises to the level of distraction or disrespect, time-outs are generally recommended.  These are accompanied with a conversation with the student about appropriate behavior in... ReadMore

Do you have a Child you consider to be shy?

At Mustardseed we try to discourage the ‘SHY’ labeling,as we find it is often put on children before they can develop their own little identities for themselves. They often grow up hearing that they are shy before they even know what it means and this may become an inevitable self-fulfilling... ReadMore