Students Reflections on Theatre Arts CSEC 2014/15

12 Students from this years course reflect on what they expected from the course and what they got out of it 9-months later. Let’s take a peep into their journals:

What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?     Ché-Annika Mayers


At the end of this class I expect to have a deeper love for the art, build up on my weak points and get a distinction in the CSEC Examination. I want to become extremely talented in Theatre and be known for my various memorable roles in which I shall play.

I expect to be great at both Theory and Practical. Overall, I expect to enjoy Theatre and be able to expand theatre in Barbados. Due to the way the options for fourth form are set up, I am not able to choose both Visual and Theatre Arts. This then caused me to do Visual Arts with the school and Theatre Arts with Mustardseed Kids Productions. I think the most exciting thing about doing this course is that I get to combine the things learnt in Mustardseed Kids and Visual Arts together, therefore making it more enjoyable for me as an art student and more relatable. Ché-Annika Mayers


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?  Radigria Babb


Well I never thought I would have seen myself doing Theatre Arts because I am a very shy and quiet person. However, I expect that this course would help me learn more about Theatre Arts and understand it; help me more to trust myself and become more confident about myself; socialise and communicate with others in and outside of my age group. Radigria Babb


What Did I Gain From This Course?   Radigria Babb

When I first started this class I had second thoughts about going. I wasn’t a very open person and was extremely shy. The second week of class I was about to message Aunty Varia and Aunty Rashida that I would withdraw from the class because I didn’t think that the class was for me. But this class has helped me to be creative and understand/appreciate the theatre world. Theatre Arts has also helped me to be confident about myself and communicate with my classmates, which was difficult for me for the first couple weeks, then I began to grow. Radigria Babb


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?   Adriel Husbands 


In this course I expect to have fun, learn new fun things, become more confident in myself, pick up new skills and meet new friends. Adriel Husbands


What Did I Gain From This Course?   Adriel Husbands 


This Theatre Arts CXC class was a very enjoyable and informative journey for me and I really don’t want it to end. I came here as a shy boy who wanted to know more about Theatre Arts. Now I’m leaving as a self-confident boy who knows a lot about Theatre Arts. The process was very fun from improvisation to play making then to production making and now the written exam. Even through journaling I have learnt more things about myself. I have learnt more about cultural forms and through Theatre Arts I met a new set of friends. Adriel Husbands


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?    Regina Griffith  


On the 13th of September, 2014 I joined the Mustardseed Productions. On that day I met a few people and some I already knew.


I also met two ladies who seem to be very nice and very good at their jobs and their names are Auntie Varia and Auntie Rasheda. On that day, we introduced ourselves and played a few games that tested how well we were at improvisation and how well we work as a team. At Mustardseed Productions I expect to learn more about Theatre Arts and also to gain more confidence. I’m not a shy person but it would be nice to have a little more self-confidence. On that day I learned how important working as a team is in Theatre Arts because teamwork is the key in Theatre Arts. Without teamwork, the whole Production would go downhill. Regina Griffith


What Did I Gain From This Course?   Regina Griffith  


Wow, I didn’t actually think that the last day of Theatre Arts would have come as quickly. From September to May, I have had an amazing time.


There were times when I wasn’t my strongest, but two wonderful ladies by the names of Varia Williams and Rashida Harding helped me along with the other members of the class the whole way. They taught us different things from a Production to playmaking to improvisation to even written work. They both made me realise that Theatre is so much more than getting a script and saying lines on stage, but it involves so much more than that (the way we use our bodies or faces to show emotion, how working as a team in theatre makes everything better). I have grown such a greater respect towards actors/actresses and teachers of Theatre Arts because this is not the easiest thing in the world to do.


During this process I have built more self confidence, I have learnt more about Theatre, even about my own country and I have met some of the best people also known as family, that one can work with in Theatre.


I really had a great time during the process and hopefully I get to do this again sometime in the future. Regina Griffith


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?    Mikhail Prescod  


I expect to gain a better understanding of Theatre Arts. My goal is to successfully pass with a grade 1. I’d just like to be a much better actor at the end of this. I expect my first class to be awkward and I guess maybe I might feel a bit shy because introductions are usually quite different at Mustardseed. By the end of this term I hope and expect to gain a better understanding of everyone in the class. I expect this to be a hard but rewarding experience. Mikhail Prescod


What Did I Gain From This Course?  Mikhail Prescod  


Courage, Friends, Headaches, Experience, Confidence, Skill, Laughter


Courage – I’ve gained the courage to be myself and speak through my heart and go with the flow without worrying about messing up and even if I did mess something, I now know to learn from it and move on.

Confidence – With Theatre I became much more confident in myself and I learned to believe in myself and I’m saying myself a lot but really it’s true. The way I approach things in life is way different than before I took this course and I’m extremely grateful.

My friends are so important to me and I’m so glad that I met these amazing people who understand me and we all go through the same crap that I go through and it’s good to get used to people after a time and get to know them and build lasting friendship.

I laughed way too many times at Mustardseed. I was happier than I’ve ever been at Theatre and I’ll never forget those moments.

Headaches because of hard work; Skill too lol.


I’ve experienced so many different things in Theatre and I feel like I’ve gained a lot more than a better understanding of Theatre Arts, I’ve gained love for Theatre Arts. Mikhail Prescod


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?   Ocean Cumberbatch-Campbell  


I expect to get further knowledge of Theatre Arts that I can use to acquire a job and use during this job. I also expect that the tutors will do anything in their power to assist me in these endeavours.


I also expect to enjoy myself during the proceedings and that it would not be boring, but exciting. Ocean Cumberbatch-Campbell


What Did I Gain From this Course?    Ocean Cumberbatch-Campbell  


During this class I learnt a lot and grew a lot as an actor and as a person. It taught me about the different aspects of acting and theatre on a whole. I found this teaching invaluable as I would like to pursue Theatre as a serious career choice.


This has been an extremely informative experience in which I have been able to hone my skills in things such as improv, playmaking and production. These were very interesting and exciting topics to explore and learn about.


I also met some wonderful people and I am so glad that I got the chance to interact with them and make some friends. They made this experience even more fun, even though sometimes we did not always see eye to eye.


The tutors were very informative and they made the course as interesting as possible and I thank them very much. This truly has been a great experience and I am glad that they were the ones to guide all of us students through all the topics. I have learnt a lot and I hope that I can use these skills later in life. Ocean Cumberbatch-Campbell


What Did I Gain From this Course?    Brittany Herrera  


Well I met people who I would have never met on my own. I learnt a lot about myself for example that I want to become an actress more than I thought I did, but not just that I want to learn more about all the other aspects of theatre. I know that I need to have more confidence in myself and it won’t happen overnight.


I learnt that all good things take time, patience and especially team work; it makes this more fun and also creative when you have more than 1 brain in the mix. Learning about cultural forms was a lot of fun; learning about my heritage allows me to value the little things more. And I now really realise the purpose of a Journal. I can look back and see where I came from, quite like the cultural forms. I know I still have a lot to learn and improve on but I believe with the right consistency and patience I will get there. Brittany Herrera


What Did I Gain From this Course?   Tahan Towler   


This class has taught me many things. For example: how to be brave, how to work with others, how to unlock my inner strength. Sadly, I will not miss it because I love sleeping all day Saturday.  Tahan Towler


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?   Shane Bourne  


I expect to get a grade one but I also expect to do the work and have fun while doing it. I also expect to add more to my knowledge about Theatre Arts. I expect to build more confidence and meet new people. Shane Bourne


What Did I Gain From this Course?    Shane Bourne  


Through this course I have developed a stronger sense of confidence. I have gained many new friends. I built my understanding and knowledge about technical and practical theatre. Before this course I generally liked to critique theatrical productions but now I have guidelines on which to critique.


I am also learning how to deal with constructive criticism to improve. Above everything I have had a lot of fun and would still like to hopefully receive a grade one and distinction. Shane Bourne


What Did I Gain From this Course?    Ronaldo Atherley   


Wow. The Mustardseed CSEC is over. It ended so fast. Wow.


I will miss everyone though, like really bad. I will miss getting up on a Saturday morning at 8 o’ clock to catch a 9 o’ clock van to get to class early. I will miss all fun times I had with everyone in the class. All the tests we went through. The events like play making and improv. Ima miss it all. The first day I went to that class I thought it was going to be as boring as lessons. People just sitting far away from one another not coversating with each other or nothing. But I was totally wrong.


The first day of class I felt surrounded by strangers. But after 30 mins of the class I had 5 new friends. I felt throughout those 3 terms and more we spent together we all created a bond with each other. Also in Theatre Arts I feel so brilliant. It is so fun to learn everything in the subject, nothing in it is hands down boring. Everything I did in the class was a new experience.


Improv – This was one of the funniest subjects I loved. It was funny to watch and do. We learnt so much from it. So much information that I want to use for the future.

Play making – This subject was a little intimidating but of course I still got the job done. It was great to know that wouldn’t have to do it alone and that a group would have my back everywhere I turned.

Critique/Research Paper/Interview – These three were the most intimidating. At first I was scared but then I realized I would have guidance through them all by my theatre practitioners and also my friends.


The only part I had to do solo was my interview and that was one heck of an experience for me and I enjoyed it.


Mustardseed CSEC has taught me so much these past terms and I am truly grateful for everything they have done and all the efforts they went through to teach us students such an amazing Art. Ronaldo Atherley


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?    Whitney Williams  


In doing this course I hope to:

  • meet new persons
  • learn how to take on various personalities
  • become a better impromptu speaker
  • become more comfortable in front audiences
  • learn how to better express myself     Whitney Williams

What Did I Gain From this Course?     Whitney Williams 


WOW! Last day of theatre? Has this incredible journey really finished? 

I can confidently say that I have:

  • met new persons
  • learnt how to take on various personalities
  • become a better impromptu speaker
  • become more comfortable in front audiences
  • learnt how to better express myself
  • learnt soooo MUCH MORE than EXPECED
  • fell in love with theatre + acting




This course has totally exceeded my expectations. I am sooo happy I decided to get involved and I don’t regret it one bit. I met amazing persons and made great friendships. I learnt about my heritage and how POWERFUL theatre is an art and how much I love it. Really bummed that it has ended but all great things must come to an end yeah?

SUPER THANKFUL to Aunty Varia + Aunty Rashida.


They taught me so much and brought out the absolute best in me. I think they made me love theatre.


I have definitely seen tremendous growth in myself and I have a stronger personality due to acting + expressing myself.


This is something I definitely want to do for the rest of my life and become FANTABULOUS in it


This entire course really opened up my eyes to how impactful and important theatre is as a craft. Persons take it so lightly but it is actually powerful. I have def realised this now and I don’t see it the same way. I take it very seriously just like any other subject or perhaps life career. I would highly recommend this to any and everyone. Theatre was the joy of my Saturdays and the only lessons I actually looked forward to attending.


I enjoyed every production from improv to play making to Maniacs and every critique, research paper and past paper. I DON’T WANT IT TO END!!! Definitely going to get more involved in acting to develop my skills. CSEC exam on Monday and I’m totally pumpedJ. Got 60/60 on the mock I did. #elated


This year flew and I’m going to miss waking up early on Saturday to go SMS for 10. I know this only propels me to dive even more into acting and discover all the treasures + opportunities it holds for me. You never know… I maybe the next Julia Roberts! LOL Whitney Williams


What Do I Expect To Gain From the Course?  Omari Roach  


I expect that this course will teach me and help me understand a lot more about Theatre Arts. I wish to get a grade one and come out successful. Omari Roach


What Did I Gain From this Course?   Omari Roach  


At the start of this course I expected it to be a smooth sailing boat in terms of all the work I had to do but boy was I wrong. The work was actually a lot harder than I thought and every aspect of it was important, from cultural forms to theatre personnel. To possibly the hardest part about this all was writing in my journals. Journals aren’t very easy to write in because you quite often to forget to.


Throughout the course I had my ups and downs with certain people but in the end all of our issues were resolved and we were more or less a big family. I love the teachers and my classmates although most of the times it would look like I’m uninterested and not listening, I do care. I’m going to miss all of my classmates especially Whitney, Jadon, Adriel, Tahan, Regina, basically the entire class because the bond that I have with these people compared to what I had in the beginning is amazing.


At the beginning when Aunty Varia would’ve told us to get into groups some of us wouldn’t want to have been with certain people but coming down halfway through the process we wouldn’t think twice about grouping. It’s going to be sad saying goodbye to the SQUAADDD but it had to come to end and it was amazing while it lasted.


Aunty Varia to me at the end of this course is an amazing teacher. I doubted her advice or suggestions in the past but I realised how useful and helpful they were when it came to stage work, performances, theory etc. She always said that “Pretending is easy but acting is hard work,” well boy was she right. She showed us easier ways to get into character, in lots of different ways.


Aunty Rashida is honestly a pretty chill teacher if you didn’t want to get in trouble with Aunty Varia you would’ve gone to Aunty Rashida. I’m a pretty lazy child but Aunty Rashida ALLLLWAYYYS made sure I got work done. I remember when I was doing my interview and she walked me through step by step in order to help me get it done and I’m forever grateful.


It’s the final day that we all worked so hard for and I honestly feel like tearing up but BADMAN DOH SHED NAH TEARS. Would just like to thank everyone helping me get through this and I personally believe I completed the things I wanted to achieve and I am happy for that. Would miss this class with all my heart.


TO DO LIST                                                                                                  

  •       MAKE NEW FRIENDS                                                                                
  •       GET OVER 80% IN ALL ASSIGNMENTS                                                        
  •       GET A ONE IN THEATRE ARTS                                                                           

Omari Roach

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