Mustardseed CSEC Class having some fun

Once again the Mustardseed Productions has reaped success with all passes in this year’s CSEC Theatre Arts exams. With 8 grade 1s and 4 grade 2s, the 12 students from varying backgrounds, coming from different secondary schools across Barbados met every Saturday morning for 1 school year to study, learn and enjoy Theatre Arts.Under the guidance and tutelage of Managing Director Varia Williams and Senior Tutor Rashida Harding, Mustardseed has had continued success since they introduced the course to their programme in 2012.


Mustardseed CSEC students have sonsistently been in the region’s top 10 spot for the subject – copping the top spot in the entire Caribbean twice in the 4 years since they started.

“To do the course  is not easy, it requires commitment, dedication and a love for theatre. This year we had a great group of hard working students. We are very proud of them” said Williams when she heard the results.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the course and their experience:

  • “The most fun, enjoyable and interesting course I have had, which brought me happiness during a dark time in my life. I can definitely say that I am more comfortable with public speaking and that I have not laughed this much in a while” Emma Boyce.




  • “I think that the Mustardseed Company helps to better and enhance the acting abilities of young students interested in theatre. When I first started, I absolutely hated it but thanks to the amazing teachings of Aunty Varia and Aunty Rashida, I was able to find a love for the art form”. Kymorhi Trotman.


  • “For me not only does the course enhance and help our acting skills, but the skills we learnt can be taken out into the real world and can be applied to real life. Not only do we learn things from (our teachers) but also from our peers and even ourselves” Daniella Corbin.


  • “When starting this Mustardseed CSEC class I was still struggling to find who I was as a person, like most teens do at some point. This course not only builds in the aspect of theatre, because the attributes which were drilled in us such as determination and confidence will not only make me a better actor, but also a better individual. Big thank you to Aunty Varia and Aunty Rashida who never gave up on us and in return we didn’t give up on our goal” Symar Doyle.


  • “The course was always challenging but it was so worth it! Besides achieving something, I learnt a lot about the world of (Caribbean) theatre, how to prepare for exams, many social skills and so many great people. Everything I’ve learnt are so important and I can use them in my daily life. I will never forget what I’ve learnt and I will always be happy that I took this course” Maela Hickling.


  • When I started the Theatre Arts course, I wasn’t expecting to gain such a love for it. It didn’t only change my view on theatre, but it changed my view on so many things in my day to day life, simple things like walking on the street with my head higher up than before. This course didn’t only help me in acting, but it gave me the chance to try different parts of the art” Tamina White.


To join Mustardseed  or for more information on the CSEC Theatre Arts Course, visit or call (246) 262-4838.

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