Mustardseed Staff Meeting – Term 1, 2016

Mustardssed’s teaching staff got together this term at our new office in REGUS One Welches, St. Thomas. It was a fun and productive meeting where we discussed the following agenda items:


  • Class and individual progress so far in the term – including challenges and ‘cheering’ moments

Each teacher reported on outputs for the term and any challenges and progresses which they may have experienced. These sessions are great sharing opportunities for us as we can listen and learn about what’s happening in other classrooms as well as how other teachers deal with some of their classroom challenges. Also useful in the event that one of us has to substitute for the other.


  • Upcoming events for the term – NIFCA Independence Gala (November 20, 2016), Carols By Candlelight (December 11, 2016);

These 2 shows are will require separate and distinct rehearsals. Our plates will be full so coming on to the end of the term it will be all hands on deck.


  • End of year show (2017)

After The Bridgetown Piper in June this year, people are already asking us “What next?” and thankfully plans are already afoot for next year. It promises to be different, of course fun, and definitely something to leave you thinking…


  • Peer Reviews

The staff will be reviewing each other in the 2nd term. This year we ‘pulled from the bag’. Each staff member will be responsible for a thorough review of one of their teaching colleagues. The intention is that they observe and assess the teaching style while critiquing certain areas of their teaching process. The feedback is hoped to encourage the teacher to actively engage students while enhancing teaching techniques.


  • Staff Christmas Lunch/Dinner

Last year was a blast and we look forward to celebrating the ‘spirits’ of the season again together at the end of a long term.




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