Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mustardseed have a Health & Safety Protocol?

Yes we do.

At what age can my child join Mustardseed?

Normally children start from 4 years old. The class for the youngest age-group is Children’s Theatre 1 which usually meets on Monday afternoons from 3:15pm to 4:30pm.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, this class has been suspended for term 1, 2020.

Take a look at our Classes for more info.

What is the best means of communication between parent and teacher?

Parents generally speak to us before or after class when they come to drop-off or pick up their child. While we are always happy to speak to you about any concerns you might have regarding your child, this might not always be the most productive time. You are welcome to contact us by calling or emailing us at your convenience.

What are your fees?

The fees for Term 1, 2020 are as follows:
Children’s Theatre 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B and Youth Theatre 1: $300
Youth Theatre 3 (CSEC) class: $400
Youth Theatre Ensemble $400
Fees must be paid in full by half term.

What is the best means of payment?

Payments must be made online with proof of payment submitted.

In extenuating circumstances we may accept cash or cheques [payable to Mustardseed Productions] preferably in Barbados currency.

Are there opportunities for sponsorships?

There are opportunities for sponsorship in our older classes – Youth Theatre 3 and Youth Theatre Boys classes. In the past, this sponsorship has been sought through secondary school recommendation, private sector or individual support.

What if my child has a birthday in the term, does she switch to the next class?

No, she would stay in her scheduled class for the duration of the term and switch at the beginning of the next term.

Is my child automatically registered for the rest of the school year?

We operate on a term by term basis (i.e. each term is between 10-12 weeks).  If you want your child to return for the following term you will need to register once again.

Do you offer special rates for Siblings?

Yes. There is a sibling discount of $50 off of the regular fees for each child.

So for 2 children who are siblings, $100 is taken off of the total combined cost.

What is the fee for the Theatre Arts CSEC class?

The fees for the full course (2017/18) are $1000.00 (to be made by October 15, 2017).

Part Payment can also be made on a term by term basis. There is a deadline for each payment:

term 1 – $400

term 2 – $400

term 3 – $400


PART PAYMENTS           


October 15, 2017 $400 January 15, 2018 $400 April 15, 2018


October 15, 2017


The fee includes the CXC registration fee as well as some class outings and trips.