How it Works

  • Each age group meets once a week for a two-hour workshop (except the youngest group whose session lasts for 1 ¼ hours).
  • The programme coincides with the school term and therefore lasts between 10 and 12 weeks at a time.
  • ATTIRE for the sessions is casual and comfortable (no skirts for girls). Children wear clothes they can sit on the floor in and easily move around in and slippers/ comfortable shoes in case there is outdoor work (or for trips to the water cooler).
  • Children remove their shoes when entering the space.
  • There is always a short BREAK so students are asked to bring a light snack and liquid refreshment.
  • While PARENTS are welcome to wait outside for the duration of the workshops, we ask that they refrain from ‘peeking’ into the class or otherwise making themselves seen by their child, as this is often a distraction to the child and by extension, the class.


  • Each session begins with warm up games that include body and voice exercises.
  • There is usually at least one ensemble building exercise every session focused on team-work, communication, trust, concentration or controlled energy. Ensemble work is key in our drama workshops. The children learn to work as a team, listening to one another, learning from each other and most importantly, building trust and confidence. These sessions are the most popular amongst the children.
  • We culminate every term with a show or showcase which provides an opportunity for the children to take the stage, equipped with courage and self-confidence, together with various performing skills and talents they would have worked on throughout the term. This is also an opportunity for parents to see what their child has been up to all term with us.

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