About Us

Mustardseed Productions is an inclusive theatre company for children and young people. The term ‘Inclusive Theatre’ within the theatre environment, means that there are no labels, no categories and no demand for perfection. We promote self-worth and self-discovery, teaching about the possibility of a truly integrated society, all the while aiming for artistic quality and a level of excellence without exclusion.

We offer an after-school development programme which presently comprises of over 150 students between the ages of 4 and 18 years.

We aim to develop within each child, a deeply rooted sense of self within a team-oriented environment. We use theatre techniques to encourage healthy social behaviours while teaching stagecraft and drama skills. Through the use of exercises that encourage voice projection, effective communication skills, team-work, trust, improvisation, movement – to name a few – we work with the individual to help them to overcome their own personal obstacles building self-confidence along the way.

Under the principal tutorship and guidance of its Managing Director VARIA WILLIAMS together with a talented and committed TEAM, Mustardseed offers a disciplined, fun-filled and magical experience for children and young people.

We provide an environment where children create and perform together regardless of their skills, talents or special needs. We welcome children with varying interests, abilities and backgrounds and encourage them to come together and thus learn the importance of team-work, tolerance and respect.

We are committed to the individual, watering their seeds of creativity and confidence. Each student is guided and directed according to his/her own abilities and gifts – helping each young person to become the best that they can be.

Give your child the gift of theatre and a lifetime of confidence.